Objective behind Black Justice

The objective behind this Movie/ Web series is to expose the Indian Judiciary. Under the garb of Justice, how the injustice is carried out. Gone are the days when Injustice was merely confined to ‘Justice Delayed Justice Denied’.

In today’s scenario with almost 5 Cr cases pending, even if a Person gets the interim Order/ Order/ Judgment, there are 70% chances that those orders have been manipulated by the Corrupt/ incompetent Judges in connivance with Designated Sr. lawyers.

Also, the whole Process is cumbersome that one may get everything but justice. There is a video on YouTube which I made about ‘Judiciary a 3 Lac Crore Scam’ go through following link https://youtu.be/-Ftqy-JHLGo

The whole idea of making this Movie/ Webseries was to create mass awareness in Public and also wake up the Govt of the day with the proposed changes and reforms required in Judiciary.

This intellectual based positive Web series/ Movie is more SOLUTION ORIENTED rather than Problem Focused, as problems are limitations of Judiciary is known to everyone but no one talks about robust Solutions e.g. Dual Degree for Judges, Accountability of Judges, Replacing Prayer with Demand, addressing Courts as Sir/ Madam rather than Your Honor/ Milord, Time Bound Judgments, Appointment and Retirement of Judges etc.




Synopsis Of Black Justice

This highly enthralling, engaging film with powerful dialogues and arguments is for intellectuals and certain strata of society but it fulfills the need of millions of relief for People Suffering under the name of Justice for decades. The Movie does not only question the Judicial Mindset in India but also internationally.

With more than 4.5 crore cases pending in different courts of India, an upright Lawyer J.P. Decides to file PIL in the Supreme Court demanding for Judicial Reforms.

There is a buzz around in Media and amongst the lawyers and Bar Council too. The Supreme court Judges after several rounds of deliberation Decide to hear the PIL.

JP demands that some witnesses/ victims be allowed to share this story in front of the Judges and with every story JP demands for reforms like ‘Prayer’ to Be Replaced with ‘Demand’. Why Mi Lord, Your Honour should be replaced with ‘Sir’ or ‘Maam’. JP further demand’s Dual Qualification of Judges, to lower the Retirement age of Judges and making Judges accountable etc.

Along with the court room Drama, Police is trying to solve the case of a person whose blood was found outside a Judges House.

Finally the Police is able to find out whose Blood is it and the Judges to pronounce their separate orders on the PIL.